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Ample Amount of Water for Hydroponics Systems

07/10/2014 20:27


All plants need water but the amount of water that can be absorbed and productively utilized depends on the size, species and growth stage of plants. Some plants thrive in swamps and other water-rich environments such as ponds. Some plants such as cacti easily survive in arid and hot environments.


They only need very minimal amount of water. Most garden plants, however, have specific range of tolerance to water. Most plants will wither and die if the water supply falls below the range. Conversely, they can potentially drown if the water is excessive. Excessive water may also lead to nutrient deficiency because of the dilution.


Plants that are grown in hydroponic systems can be supplied with water in at least two different ways. The most common is to simply allow water to be absorbed by the growth media, letting it flow and evaporate. Another way is to re-circulate water in the system.


This will allow for the preservation of nutrients and minerals. Re-circulating water will optimize the absorption of minerals and other nutrients instead of simply wasting them as runoffs. Both methods can be automated by using programmable sprayers. Automating the water supply will make it possible to precisely control the growth of the plants.


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